@Lady of Light - Morgana Browne; Leader of Silver Valkyrie.@Admin - Xemura Takahashi and Kala Vinka. Those with administrative powers over the discord.@Moderators - The moderators of the discord server.@Her Guardians - The Officers of the Silver Valkyrie FC, led by Xemura Takahashi. These people also moderate the discord server.@SVE P & R Team - The people who are in charge of representing and promoting Silver Valkyrie, as well as maintaining relations between us and our affiliates.@SVE Venue Managers - Everyone in this category will also have @Venue Manager, as this is the role that affects their colour. This is so the Event Staff colours still shine through (see below).@SVE Event Staff - @Crystal Crown Cast and @Her Artisans.@Crystal Crown Cast - The Cast of the Crystal Crown Café.@Her Artisans - Those who contribute to running events for Silver Valkyrie through crafting and gathering. @HA Event Leads, @HA Writer, @HA Graphics @HA Photography, @HA Craft and Gather and @SVE Day Staff are subsections of this role for targeted pinging.@Storyline Mentor, @Lore Mentor and @Technique Mentor - These roles are all part of the Roleplay Mentoring team. Each role has its focus on helping members of the community make the most of roleplay. Each member of the team also has the @Roleplay Mentor role, so if you are unsure who is best to help, you can still catch their attention.@Community Partner - Leaders of other communities who are affiliated with Silver Valkyrie.@Venue Host - Members of the community who run their own venue To apply for this role, please contact one of our moderation team though the on server ticket system.@Silver Feathers - Members of the Silver Valkyrie Free Company on Lich Server.@Roleplayer - This role is used for access to the more in-depth roleplaying sections of our community, as well as for alerting the players to events happening in the RP world.@Community - Members of the Silver Valkyrie Community.If there is a large number of people playing a different game, we will consider making a role for this game as well. Please leave a suggestion in our #suggestions_box or contact the moderation team directly though the on server ticket system.In order to apply for the role of Crystal Crown or Her Artisans, you will need to apply for the position when applications are being taken. Please keep your eyes out on #server_rannouncements for details.There are a number of roles that are also there for specific channel access and permissions but these roles do not affect the hierarchy. Here is a list of what they are and what they do:@Nitro Booster - Added by Discord, gained only if you have Nitro Boosted the server. This is not a role that we control.@Mentor Support - A role for those who provide support for our mentors, but are not listed as mentors themselves.@Roleplay Novice - Roleplayers who are still new to Roleplay and need guidance or advice on how to get started with creating a character or getting involved with other roleplayers, especially with help from the @Roleplay Mentors. This role grants access to the #roleplay_novice_network@Roleplay Networking - Roleplayers looking for small, quick roleplay sessions. Once a month, anybody with this role is paired up with other roleplayers to have a short session, to help people get into roleplay and practice their skills. You will need to speak to a Roleplay Mentor in order to be granted this role.@Roleplay Finder and @Party Finder - Ping roles for use in #looking_for_roleplay and #looking_for_party respectively. If you are interested in content that other players may be doing, please take these roles as appropriate.@Giveaway - A ping role to let people know we are having a giveaway. You also require this role to see the channel and partake in said giveaways.@Updates - A ping role so that you are alerted to general updates on the server that do not warrant a @Eorzeans or @Community. This includes, but is not limited to, competitions that we may host that do not include any roleplay aspects.

Issues and Complaints

- Issues between two individuals should be dealt with between the individuals where possible, before involving the Moderation team.- To reach the Moderation team, raise a Support Ticket in the #support_ticket channel. You can also reach the Admin team in the same channel if you wish to discuss an issue relating to another member of the Moderation team- We will aim to deal with issues as fast as possible, but please note that this may not be instant. Some issues may take time to sort. This does not mean any issue is of a low priority.- The Moderation team will be united in their decisions, and speaking to another member of the team will not encourage a different outcome. Approaching a single Moderator directly will only result in you being directed towards the Support Ticket system.


If you feel a punishment is too severe, you can appeal the decision.- Appeals must raised within 48 hours of the initial moderation action. Warnings, Server Mutes and Channel bans are to be raised through Admin Support Tickets. Kicks and Bans from the server and submitted via our Appeals Form.- If your request for appeal is accepted, we will contact you within a week to hear in more detail and reconsider the actions taken. You may not hear back if you are unsuccessful in your request.- Do not chase the moderators for updates on your appeal, this will count against you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the bot doesn’t give me the role I asked for?
If you have this issue then please raise a moderator ticket in our #support_tickets channel.
What do all the different roles mean?
A list of the current roles and what they do can be found one our roles page.
Where should I start with getting involved with roleplay?
This very much depends on how you feel about your character’s development and your confidence in the roleplay environment.
If you are new to roleplay in FFXIV, head to #choose_roles and take the @Roleplay Novice role so you gain access to #novice_network. If you are interested in getting involved in events, including larger-scale events, please take the @Roleplayer role so you will be alerted when things are happening.If you still need help developing an aspect of your character, please head to #character_building.If you are looking for information about the in-game lore, please head to #lore. Please feel free to ask any questions you have there, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.If you would like to see what characters people have made, please head to #characters.If you would to see what venues are available and when they are open, please head to #venues.If you are interested in getting involved with our @Roleplay Networking initiative, please contact someone with the @Roleplay Mentor role.If you are looking for ideas for thing to write, please head to #writing.If you have any questions and do not wish to ask them in a public channel, please seek out one of those with a @Roleplay Mentor role - @Storyline Mentor, @Lore Mentor and @Technique Mentor.What date/time is the Roleplay Networking happening?
Matchups will be drawn on the first of the month. However, there is no fixed date for you to have your roleplay at, it is down to you to organise with your partner when you're both free to do it, and where you want to do it. It may also be worth discussing beforehand if there is any way you want things to begin or topics to cover.
What is Salt Channel?
Salt channel is for venting a little to help relieve some stress or worry. It is not for complaining specifically about people or making callouts, which is considered gossip and is unwelcome.
What is the Creative Works category?
The Creative Works category is for everyone to post the work they've created. Please keep works that you have found and wish to share in #findings. Commissions are welcome to be shared in #personal. All works shared should be properly attributed to the original creators (this means actual links).
How do we define what should be kept in #ffxiv_spoilers and #other_media_spoilers?
In this case, to spoil is:
"When someone reveals a previously unknown aspect of something which you likely would have rather learned on your own."
-- Urbandictionary
On this server, the following should be kept to #ffxiv_spoilers:
1. Any major FFXIV MSQ plot points - This includes points of major development or death.
2. Anything from the current expansion (with current patch using the spoiler tags || )
3. Anything about the Live Letter and Patch Notes
Any other major spoiler from any other media should be kept in #other_media_spoilers.What should I do if I have some feedback or a complaint?
Should you have some feedback for us, whether it is positive or negative, please raise a #support_tickets to talk with our moderation team, or refer to the Google Form to contact us anonymously.
What should I do if I am unsure?
If there is anything about the rules that confuses you, then please do not hesitate to contact a @Moderator through our #support_tickets system.