This page is to display the Discord community rules for Silver Valkyrie Events. You can also find information on appeals, our FAQs and how to raise an issue with our staff.For event planning or event hosting the most up-to-date versions can be found on the relevant discord channels.Please note these may be subject to improvement and alteration. Should this be the case, the server will be notified in the announcements channel.


The rules here are as listed in the Rules Channel on the Discord Server.

1. Be respectful of others.2. The @SVE Moderators are here to keep the server safe and happy, please respect their decisions.3. If you wish to talk to a staff member, raise a ticket in support_tickets channel instead of directly messaging them.4. Try and resolve personal disputes privately between yourselves before bringing them to the Moderators.5. Do not bring outside-drama into this discord, unless directly relevant to the server, and only in tickets.6. Explicit sexual content is not allowed anywhere in the server (NO NSFW).7. Spoilers go in the appropriate spoiler channel. See the Spoiler channel descriptions for what could be considered a spoiler.8. Roleplay and Party Finder advertisements are posted in📜channels. Refer to the channel description for specific posting rules.9. Voice channels with a 🔒 are quieter spaces. Ask the occupants for permission before joining if they are already occupied.
- The Gaming Den is for playing games together that are not FFXIV
- The Library is for quiet/private conversations in the server
- The Workshop is for people working on art, coding or other projects
10. Additional rules for individual channels may apply, and are written in their channel descriptions.

Issues and Complaints

- Issues between two parties should be dealt with between them where possible, before involving the Moderation team.- To reach the Moderation team, raise a Support Ticket in the #support_ticket channel. You can also reach the Admin team in the same channel if you wish to discuss an issue relating to another member of the Moderation team.- If you have an issue relating to one of our affiliates (hosts or partners), please raise a ticket with our PR team.- We will aim to deal with issues as fast as possible, but please note that this may not be instant. Some issues may take time to sort. This does not mean any issue is of a low priority.- The Moderation team will be united in their decisions, and speaking to another member of the team will not encourage a different outcome. Approaching a single Moderator directly into their DMs will only result in you being directed towards the Support Ticket system, as stated in rule 3.


If you feel a punishment is too severe, you can appeal the decision.- Appeals must raised as soon as reasonably possible the initial moderation action. Warnings, Server Mutes and Channel bans are to be raised through Admin Support Tickets. Kicks and Bans from the server and submitted via our Appeals Form.- If your request for appeal is accepted, we will contact you within a week to hear in more detail and reconsider the actions taken. You may not hear back if you are unsuccessful in your request.- Do not chase the moderators for updates on your appeal, this will count against you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the bot doesn’t give me the role I asked for?
If you have this issue then please raise a moderator ticket in our #support_tickets channel.
Where should I start with getting involved with roleplay?
This very much depends on how you feel about your character’s development and your confidence in the roleplay environment.
First, make sure to take the @Roleplayer role so you can access all of the relevant channelsIf you are new to roleplay in FFXIV, head to #choose_roles and take the @Roleplay Novice role so you gain access to #novice_questions. If you are interested in getting involved in events, including larger-scale events, please take the @EU Venue Updates role so you will be alerted when roleplay events are happening.If you still need help developing an aspect of your character, please head to #character_building.If you are looking for information about the in-game lore, please head to #lore_and_spoilers forum. Please feel free to ask any questions you have there, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem if you cannot find them through the search function.If you would like to see what characters are a part of the community, please head to the #character_list forum.If you would to see what venues are available and when they are open, please head to #venues.If you have any questions and do not wish to ask them in a public channel, please seek out one of those with a @Roleplay Mentor role.What is Salt Channel?
Salt channel is for venting a little to help relieve some stress or worry. Please follow the rules below when using this channel.
Can be used for complaining about current events
Try and keep it light-hearted
Do not gossip or complain about people within the community or adjacent to it
Complaining about things that happened to you is allowed, but if it can be used by anyone on the server to identify people, don’t post it.
Starting Arguments is prohibited.
Any aggressive behaviour, including threats and witch-hunting, is unacceptable.
What is the Creative Works category?
The Creative Works category is for everyone to post the work they've created. Please keep works that you have found and wish to share in #creativediscovery. Commissions are welcome to be shared in #creativeshowcase. All works shared should be properly attributed to the original creators (this means actual links).
How do we define spoilers?
In this case, to spoil is:
"When someone reveals a previously unknown aspect of something which you likely would have rather learned on your own."
-- Urbandictionary
On this server, the following should be kept to a #loreandspoilers thread with the appropriate tags:
1. Any major FFXIV MSQ plot points - This includes points of major development or death.
2. Any character development that comes as a result of FFXIV MSQ major plot points
3. Anything from the current expansion (with the current patch using the spoiler tags || )
4. Anything about the Live Letter and Patch Notes
Any other major spoiler from any other media should be kept in #media threads with appropriate spoiler tags “||”.What should I do if I have some feedback or a complaint?
Should you have some feedback for us, whether it is positive or negative, please raise a #support_tickets to talk with our moderation team.
What should I do if I am unsure?
If there is anything about the rules that confuses you, then please do not hesitate to contact a @SVE Moderators through our #support_tickets system.